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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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resting. i wish i could be there. her teammates were there to present an wared to beyonce. the colin kaepernick controversy continues. reaction from the 49ers quarterback, teammates, and live with chronicle columnnist. human trafficking survivors from the bay area. we are live with the filmmaker and woman who escaped from that terrible world. plus, defying the odds. we meet a cal state east bay student featured in a series about ordinary people overcoming extraordinary obstacles. >> that's right. jackson brown. are you running on empty on this monday? classic song from the '70s. welcome to "mornings on 2: the 9". it's going to be cloudy this morning. the sun is going to come in later on. highs 60s to 80s. i am sal castaneda along with
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mike and gasia. >> and coming up in this show we are still thinking about the search for san francisco police chief. a very important meeting is happening today. also, donald trump is visiting the bay area. we are going to get to that. we begin this morning with 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick's decision not to stand for the national anthem before games. it has ignited a firestorm around the country. kaepernick spoke to reporters for more than 18 minutes at training camp yesterday. he refused to stand for the national anthem at all three of the 49ers's preseason games. he says he will continue to sit until he feels there is significant change in how people of color are treated in the u.s. ktvu's scott reiss has more on kaepernick's remarks and reaction from his teammates. >> reporter: colin kaepernick took a seat to take a stand. >> ultimately, to bring awareness and make people realize what's really going on in this country. >> reporter: the beleaguered quarterback, who might be fighting for his roster spot, is now fighting what he
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considers a much more important battle for social justice. >> there is a lot of things that need to change. one specifically is police brutality. there is people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable. cops are getting paid leave for killing people. that's not right. you have people that practice law and are lawyers and go to school for eight years. you can become a cop in six months and don't have to have the same amount of training as a cosmotologist. that's insane. >> reporter: his actions reverberated quickly among the 49er fan base and eventually inside the locker room prompting a closed-door meeting prior to sunday's practice. >> the message was to let the other guys just understand what he was feeling and where he was coming from. again that personally we could approach this how we are going to approach it but be knowledgeable about his stance. >> we know colin. we support colin. we don't think he is a bad
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teammate because he decided to voice his opinion on such a strong topic, but we can't allow this to divide our team. >> we are grown men. everybody is gonna have different opinions. you might agree what he did, what he didn't do. but the timing of it, everybody might have their different opinion about it. at the end of the day, he is a 49er. he is our brother and we are gonna go forward. >> the support i have got from my teammates has been great. i think a lot of my teammates come from areas where this might be a situation. their families might be put in this situation. the fact that it has blown up like this, i think it's a good thing. it brings awareness. everybody knows what's going on and we can move forward. >> reporter: kaepernick clearly owning his actions. when asked if he would continue to sit for the anthem, he said yes. when asked if he was concerned for his safety going forward, he said no. we'll see if there is any backlash when the announcedders conclude their preseason schedule in san diego on
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thursday. in santa clara, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 sports. >> as you can imagine, a lot of reaction from 49ers fans to colin kaepernick's decision to remain seated during the national anthem. some are considering boycotting 9er games. others are applauding his decision to take a stand on a controversial political issue. we got lots of reaction from 9ers fans at a parts bar in santa clara. >> i don't think that his views represent the team's views. i think it's his own personal view so it's not really the appropriate platform for something like that. >> it's his right as an american. you don't have to stand up for national -- we can do it sometimes and sometimes we don't feel comfortable. we can sit and be quiet. he is not disturbing anybody. >> he is the latest pro athlete to go public with views on a social issue. the dallas cowboys wore special decals on their helmets to honor the city's five officers killed in month. last month wnba players wore black lives matter matters
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shirts stating change starts with us. columnnist chuck has covered sports for 20 years. he joins us this morning. just the front page has the quote, you know, kaepernick saying this wasn't for me. >> right. >> do you believe him? that deep down inside this isn't about him? >> it's interesting. two years ago we were complaining he never said anything and he was boring. we solved that problem. >> that's for sure. >> obviously, it's his right. it's obviously an important issue. the fact that he picked the national anthem, he is aware of it, but that's an issue. because of that, lebron james wore a black lives matter t- shirt. this is nothing new in terms of controversy. but the idea of the national anthem and not standing for the national anthem -- >> and looking at the country's flag. >> yes, it's going to be one of those lightning rod moments. he mentioned, i may lose endorsements, may have problems. it's the right of every athlete do that. on a personal level, it may have been career suicide. >> didn't muhammed al --
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muhammed ali do this? >> yes. and another refused to stand for the national anthem and he was suspended for a game. that was 20 years ago. some things have changed. it's extremely emotional do something like this. we bring the military in. we bring the police officers in. i know he was aware this was going to happen. it obviously is very important to him. but it could have ramifications down the road personally and in terms of the nfl. >> some people are calling this a courageous decision. other people are saying there is no courage involved when you have millions in the bank and no problems in the world. one viewer wrote, let him trade in his football jersey for a uniform. be the change you want to be. a lot of people bringing up his multi-million dollar paycheck. >> he is in for $11 million whether he makes the team or not. people say why don't you join the police force. he promises there is more to come. >> what do you expect that to?
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be. >> maybe a foundation. i don't think we are not having this discussion. i think we are having this discussion. outhits important -- i think it's important. is in the vehicle for it? i don't know. it is courageous in the sense that he is putting his career in jeopardy. >> what about that? what if he doesn't make the team? do you think other teams will touch him because of this? >> that's important. preseason he was not only auditioning for the 49ers. teams don't like controversy. tony la russa, the manager of the a's, said the bigger pain in the neck you are, the better talented you better be. is looking to be a backup quarterback. well, other teams are going to look at that and say he has a certain skill set, he hasn't played very well. every day it's going to be an interview about this controversy. do we want to take that on? >> even if he didn't do this, there was a chance he may have been cut. , right. >> what about the effect on the 49ers? they may say, hey, we just cut
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kaepernick based on his play. they could get -- as an organization could get a lot of -- >> absolutely. this is the -- >> lines about that not what it's about. it's about what he did in the preseason. >> right, right, right. this is the last thing they want. they are trying to rebuild the team. wonderful success. frankly, they are facing a real revolt among ticket holders who say we pay 20,000, $40,000 for a seat license. now we are getting a terrible product. and to sit in your seat having paid $60,000 and watch the quarterback sit for the national anthem is not what the 49ers are hoping see. >> why not? why now? i keep going back to the timing of this. even in the 18 minutes that he spoke, he talked about how this isn't anything new, suppression. all of a sudden this season he did it. does it have anything to do with not playing or being a backup right now and there is something deeper going on with himself? >> i think there is something. i was joking when we start the. but literally he had very
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little to say. he did not want to speak publicly. he gave the most generic possible answers and the shortest possible answers. now suddenly he has become a social critic. well, god bless him. that's great that he does that. i don't know how that happened or where it happened. i think you're absolutely right. it's a huge transformation for someone who did not, as far as we knew, had any political activism at all and now is suddenly speaking for the people of the united states. >> do you think he would have done this at the height of his career? >> that's the key. i think if he had done that and he had been joe montana, i think that it would have been, a, impactful, and b, it would not have hurd his career. at this point i am not sure that it is good. >> this might take away from his personal trying to make the team, distracting himself from doing what needs to be done. he is in danger of being cut. >> i think it's going to have to have some impact on his attempts to make the team. this is -- i mean, he did a 20- minute interview. someone pointed out this is monday. the talk shows are just getting
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started nationally. what does rush limbaugh say about this? this could have legs nationally. he may be -- this may be the beginning of colin kaepernick giving interviews talking about these things. he better have his talking points down because it's so easy to slip up and then those guys will jump on you with both feet. >> how do you think the reaction is going to be in san diego? >> well, it's a military town. i would not be surprised to see some boos. hear some boos. that's definitely a military town. >> more kaepernick jerseys being burned perhaps? >> exactly. >> it's drawing at the love reaction this morning. we appreciate your joining the conversation. our ktvu question. day is on your screen. how do you feel about colin kaepernick choosing to remain seated during the national anthem? a number of responses. i'll start with walter. he tweeted, quote, colin kaepernick has the right to freedom of speech. however, not standing for the national anthem is wrong.
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doesn't stand for oppression. >> clement roberts tweeted that the kaepernick fiasco i feel is more because he is not playing than what he is saying. >> and amber gregory says, i think patriotism and love of country are not as simple as standing up for the anthem. he did what he felt was right. she continued on to say i honestly have trouble understanding why people are so upset. he just didn't stand up. is it really a big deal? >> we will keep checking or responses through the morning. we will go back to them at 9:30 and read more. hughes #ktvuthe9. we are learning more about the shooting that claimed the life of dwayne wade's cousin. the arrests police have made and the reason investigators call this case especially concerning. and guys, the search continues for permanent police chiefs in san francisco and oakland. coming up where we are in the searches and how the public can weigh in coming up.
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stocks doing well this morning across the board. the dow jones is up by more than 125 points. nasdaq and s&p up strongly as well. two bay area cities have very important decisions to make when it comes to selecting new police chiefs. >> right. here in oakland the search is just getting started. over in san francisco the search is wrapping up one phase today. >> and ktvu's brian flores joining us live from san francisco with more on this story. brian. >> reporter: hey, guys. yeah, you know, both mayors, city mayors want to hear from the public, which is why at least here in san francisco they are holding at least one public meeting scheduled tonight in oakland. that process is just getting started. but oakland mayor libby schaaf, she plans to make an announcement sometime later today, as we go to video, about the city's search for a permanent police chief. they have been without a chief
9:15 am
since june, as you recall, when sean whent resigned. and then two other interim chiefs came and went in a matter of days. city administrator sebrina landrith was appointed interim chief. the dates are expected to be announced possibly later today. she was on "mornings on 2" over the weekend. she explained to claudine wong where oakland is in the search. >> we aren't going to formally open the search until we have heard from the public. so that's why that is now all set to roll out. but we are still pretty much on time from the original timeline that we talked about when chief wenthe resigned. >> reporter: now, also happening today san francisco city officials are holding their final public input meeting on this selection of the city's next police chief. tonight's meeting 6 to 8 at st. mary's cathedral on gough street. this is also the final week that the public can fill out
9:16 am
these city's online survey about the qualities they would like to see in their next police chief. the police commission says it will stop accepting application force the position on wednesday and they will begin interviewing candidates in september. while the commission is pretty much keeping their list of applicants secret, it is not a sec rit that current acting chief toney chaplin has shown interest. he was gotten support from the mayor, mayor ed lee. we will stay on top of this here on "mornings on 2" as well as the coming weeks when the cities select police chiefs. back to you. >> thanks. >> for more information about the meeting and a link to that online survey just head over to our home page at for more on some of our other headlines, let's go to dave clark. >> here are some of the top stories we are following for you this morning. an early morning two-alarm fire in san francisco near 5th and minna streets lit up the sky
9:17 am
59:00 this morning. fire crews were called to the four-story vacant building. it's in a neighbor that has commercial and residential buildings. the cause of the fire is under investigation. no one was hurt. the building is owned by the hurst corporation. it had been under renovation. obviously, those plans are delayed because that fire has caused damage to the building. meantime, memorial services will be held wednesday in sonoma for the two little girls who died when their family truck crashed last week into the russian river. four-year-old haley marcus and her six-year-old sister caitlyn were trapped in the trunk when it plunged in the river and sank. emergency crews tried to save the girls but could not. the girls will be buried at calvary cemetery in bodega. well, reports of a shooting last night at los angeles international airport turned
9:18 am
out to be a false alarm. hundreds of people panicked, ran out of the airport after hearing someone inside was shooting. airport police shut down traffic to the terminal area. no flights were being allowed to land. police searched through the terminals but did not find anything or anyone with a gun. people inside the airport say it was chaos. >> we got off the plane and were exiting and saw just a mob, a crowd running towards us, and we immediately started running, went through an emergency exit that was close to a gate, ran down onto the runway, and got behind a catering vehicle. so that's all we could think to do, is just getting safe and getting out of there. >> police now say what people thought were gunshots was actually just loud noises. but they are still trying to figure out why those noises came from. those are just some of your morning headlines from our newsroom. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> dave, thank you very much. coming up next on "mornings on 2: the 9," it is a new
9:19 am
documentary about human trafficking in the bay area. we are joined live with the filmmaker as well as a survivor.
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else?
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no. not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. a bill now being considered by the state assembly would allow victims of human trafficking accused of crimes to wipe the slate clean. it lets human trafficking survivors erase convictions for non-violent crimes. it passed the senate just last week with bipartisan support. it's one of five bills that aim to help human trafficking survivors caught in the criminal justice system, to move forward with their lives. all of the bills were moved out of the senate and sent back to the assembly for a final vote. >> still i rise is a documentary that follows the stories of two sex trafficking survivors from the bay area. >> now, according to the fbi, the san francisco bay area is one of the country's top 13 hot spots for child sex
9:22 am
trafficking. >> being in this situation puts you at risk for everything that we already know it puts you at risk for. sexually transmitted diseases, trauma and abuse, and all of that. but it also puts them at risk to be murdered. >> this morning we are joined by the filmmaker and advisetory the film and a surrounded -- advisor to the film and survivor herself. thanks for joining us this morning. thank you for having us. >> what a difficult subject to even talk about. cheri, i will start with you. how did you approach a topic not a lot of people want to hear about, let alone talk about? >> well, you know, i think this is the biggest human rights violation in america, you know. children up to 300,000 children every year are being bought and sold for sex. you know, when i first decided to make the film, i was looking at it more pan ramically. i wanted to understand the neurobiology of trauma. what the role law enforcement was playing.
9:23 am
what role advocates were playing. as i got deeper into the subject matter, i realized that it was survivors who were also leading the movement. it was survivors who were helping to change legislation. survivors were at the forefront of prop 35, which passed in a landslide two years ago. the survivors also reaching back and helping to employ younger victims, mentoring them. >> if you would like to join this conversation as well, how does someone get out of human trafficking? >> okay. so you don't get out because it's a trauma effect. so it's like a holocaust survivor. >> it's with you always? >> it's always going to be with you. what you do is you get support from someone who has been there, who has opened up a path for you so that you can heal. survivor leaders, our hope is
9:24 am
to help heal. help take away stigmas. >> can you give an example of how that trauma stays with you? >> i can. so i come from generational trauma in all different forms, and every situation that happens in america that has affected me as a survivor of all types of trauma definitely puts me in a more sensitive, you know, subject. you know, it's more sensitive. it's a little bit harder -- this bill is a wonderful bill. when i decided to do different things in my life, it was very hard to overcome the criminalization of that. it took me five years to get those things off my record, you know. so to have a bill that helps people to say that you are not -- >> you are not a criminal?
9:25 am
>> you are not a criminal because you were victimized. >> one of the surprising things about this is it's going on right here. it's not going on in another country. it's going on in oakland. every big city in the united states. >> very much so. >> we might see these young people or these people and we don't even know it? >> absolutely. you see them at the bus stops. you see them in schools. you see them walking down the street. i think that one of the main issues that still i rise is trying to address, too, is why this issue is so disproportionately impacting girls of color in our community. >> 40% of sex trafficking victims are african-american girls? >> that's correct. the average age for a victim to be exploited is 12. >> why is that? >> it's easier for me to talk to a child and coerce than it is for me to talk to an adult and coerce them.
9:26 am
so people -- it is the first impression that when you see someone who is being victimized, that they have a choice. children have no choice. you know? there is no such thing as child prostitution. it's child abuse. child rape. so once that language is understood, then we get to points where we can combat and make bills like this. >> i have heard stories where -- do you use the word pimps? >> the exploiter. >> i have heard they promise i will get you the shoes you should be wearing. i will take care of you. i will love you. are the victims often sort of kind of pulled in with the promise of, i'll take care of you? >> you know, love and belonging a very universal need, right? >> right. >> so when you take somebody who is 12 or 13 years old, it's like what was happening to you at 12 or 13 years? you are going through puberty. >> i am confused. i hate my parents. >> the reality is most of the girls that are recruited in the
9:27 am
commercial sex industry have a history of sexual abuse, child abuse, enter generational poverty. there is a lot of systemic and personal failures, basically, and traumas that are happening to a child that make them vulnerable to being recruited in the first place. >> so. >> and oftentimes that starts with the relationships or the lack of protection in the family. and most of these girls -- >> in the media. in the educational system. >> absolutely. >> in the justice system. so it's a bigger issue. >> and the goal of this documentary is to address every one of those angles? >> correct. >> on this issue and let the viewers -- >>ia. anybody who is interested can see still i rise the film dot- com. it's a film really about humanizing survivors. nobody amongst us wants to be piggen holed by our worst experiences. it's about showing survivors who are leaders who are helping to change legislation, who are
9:28 am
employing girls, who are mentoring and bringing love and support. i think that human connection and love are the solution to any kind of brokenness in our society and whether that's domestic violence, whether that's survivors of cancer, whether that's survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, it's about human connection and support. >> thank you so much for coming and talking about this very important topic. in fact, we have posted more information about still i rise on our website look for it under the web links section on the "mornings on 2" tab. also on the mobile app. we will be right back after this. comfort food...
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welcome back to "the 9". we are checking twitter. we are still talking about the big controversy that started happening over the weekend. colin kaepernick made the decision to remain seated for the national anthem at the 49ers game in santa clara.
9:31 am
a lot of response. we started seeing pictures of people burning their kaepernick jerseys. our question of the day is, what do you think about that? >> i think he is brave, says adam klein berg. there is the opposite view. richard bullock says the 49ers should release him. he puts more effort in that than on the field. >> i put this on my facebook last night. raw video. he is just a failure looking for attention and new fans. corey says i think he was totally disrespectful and it was in poor taste. and then actually vince said an interesting thing. could have been played out in other ways, other venues that would not have had to interfered, and put this in caps, on the job. >> also on my facebook page, still stand up for your country. not for the few bad pulls. the conversation continues on the ktvu facebook page as well as on twitter. we appreciate your using
9:32 am
tvuthe9. cloudy and sunny for most. let's bring in steve paulson. steve, are my people in daly city going to see the sun today? >> yes. pacifica had sun yesterday. how about that? it's beginning. end of august, september, the fog is losing its support. you get the much warmer ocean temps, too. they are in the upper 50s to 60s. that helps. inland temps in the low 80s or mid 80s. the support for the fog isn't there. high clouds over us from hurricane madeline just to the west of the big island. it's increasing a little bit in intensity. category 2. expected to track a little bit to the south of the big island. lester to the far right. category 3. so a couple there taking aim towards the hawaiian islands. they could get hit with that this week. some of that high cloud deck continues to stream over us and there is a system digging in the pacific northwest. so combination of these two is chewing up the fog a little bit. it's already beginning to burn
9:33 am
off. so i think even most of the coast will get some sun. there is no fog to the west. 50s to 60s on the temps. they are warmer for the lows. there is a lot of that high cloud deck. could be a few isolated showers to the north. i would think mendocino county. probably not. i will throw it out there. more likely today or tomorrow. tuesday is the main day. we will update that tomorrow. 60s, 70s, 80s on the temps. near average coast and bay. slightly below, actually, inland. doesn't look like a change here. cooler wednesday, thursday. system drops in. we say good-bye to august and hello to september. not much change yet, but it feels very fall like. >> i like september. i love october. >> i know you do. >> you are getting ahead of yourself. >> thank you, steve. new this morning in the past hour or so we learned hillary clinton's aide says she is leaving her husband. former new york congressman anthony weiner after his latest sexting revolution. weiner has been sending
9:34 am
explicit pictures to a woman for the last 19 months. one picture is said to show him in bed next to his sleeping five-year-old son. weiner resigned from his congressional seat you remember in 2011 after it was revealed he had sent lewd messages an photos to women only then. she stuck by him that time. in a statement she says, quote, after a long and painful consideration, she has decided to separate from her husband. she has been an aide to hillary clinton for 20 years. she started as an intern when hillary clinton was first lady. we frequently see her next to hillary clinton as she is campaigning today. donald trump is scheduled to hold two fundraisers in the bay area today. the first will be at an undisclosed location on the peninsula. tickets are $25,000 each. then he'll hold another fundraiser in napa county. both are closed to the public. this is trump's first visit back to the bay area since some of his supporters clashed with protesters at a rally in san jose back in june. donald trump will be laying out his plans for immigration
9:35 am
reform this week as he tries to appeal to more minority voters. >> hillary clinton trying to lock down a lead in the polls while dealing with fallout from the clinton foundation. >> reporter: donald trump made immigration reform his signature issue almost from day one, but in recent days and recent weeks his position has seemingly shifted. this week he may clear up the confusion. >> what a team. >> reporter: donald trump's recent twists and turns on immigration may reach some kind of a resolution this week. yesterday on twitter he announced he would out line his plan on wednesday during a speech in arizona. but his policy is still unclear. would he, for instance, still try to deport millions of illegal immigrants? >> his position is going to be tough. his position is going to be fair. his position is going to be humane. >> reporter: hillary clinton, meantime, greeting a crowd in the hamptons last night but largely keeping out of public sight through the weekend while making an impressive fundraising haul at private events in the area.
9:36 am
on friday she got good news from the state department which is now trying to delay the release of her schedules as secretary of state until after the election. a move that could stave off potentially problematic disclosures. both preparing for their first debate less than a month away. >> it is going to be difficult. you will have to prepare for many different trumps. kind of like well behaved modest trump. i doubt we will see that. kind of off the rails trump. a trump who doesn't prepare for anything and apparently, you know, based on reports that's how they are doing it. >> i think they are nervous in the clinton camp because he is the unpredictable x factor. she is the scripted hillary clinton that, you know, that basically needs to memorize lines. >> reporter: in some ways trump is becoming a more conventional candidate. his campaign is about to spend $10 million in advertising in nine battleground states. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. the topic of the
9:37 am
presidential candidates' health is getting attention. donald trump has criticized hillary clinton saying she does not have the physical or mental capacity to serve as president. both candidates have not been as forth come being their medical histories as previous candidates. if donald trump wins in november he will be the oldest president ever elected. if clinton wednesday she is the second oldest behind ronald reagan. trump is continuing to go after clinton on this issue. >> she doesn't have the strength, the stamina, or the ability to straighten out our country. >> the clinton campaign responded with statements saying she is in excellent health and that trump has failed to provide the public with the most basic financial information disclosed by every major candidate in the last 40 years. time for him stop using distractions to hide his own record. pope francis hosted some special guests from the silicon valley at the vatican this
9:38 am
morning. mark zuckerberg and his wife met with the pope for nearly an hour. a vatican spokesman said the meeting focused on using communication technology to help fight poverty around the world. zuckerberg gave the pope a miniature version of the drone they want to use. two brothers accused of killing the cousin of nba star dwayne wade are expected in court today. police say she was not the target but the suspects were shooting at someone else. the 32-year-old woman was a mother of four. she was walking to a nearby school to register her children. police say both men are gang members and convicted felons who are out on parole for previous gun charges. >> this reprehensible act of violence is the example of why we need to change the way we
9:39 am
treat habitual offenders in the city of chicago. when will enough be enough? >> aldridge's baby is being cared for by family members. there have been 455 homicidees in chicago this year. over the weekend congresswoman speier held a sit- in and called for congressional action on gun control. >> we have a gun culture in this country unluke any other country in the world. >> speers is calling for congress to vote on universal background checks and a ban for anyone on the terror watch list from buying guns. but a gun shop owner in burlingame says more gun control won't necessarily stop gun violence. >> nothing that they're proposing a going to change anything when it comes to criminal activity. criminals are going to bignesses on the streets. law-abiding people are going to go through an x check. >> congresswoman speier wants
9:40 am
congress to take action on the proposal. she recognizes nothing will get done. near toly two -- california lawmakers wrap up their session. it includes legislation to eliminate the statute of limitations on rape prosecutions. one bill by senator jerry hill would require breathalyzers on vehicles for drivers convicted of drunk driving. lawmakers may still send more bills to the governor before the session ends on wednesday. the governor has until the end of september to sign or veto the bills. following some of the top stories out of san francisco. ktvu's tara moriarty joining us live outside our bureau there at the hall of justice. tara, a couple stories you are working on. one is interesting. that service master key from the u.s. postal office that was stolen, i guess, to grab people's mail? and then also more coyote sightings in the state? >> reporter: yes. we don't ever have enough of those, do we, mike?
9:41 am
>> exactly. >> reporter: according to the people who go on to that web -- on to the website -- or the app, i should say, called next door, people who live in pack heights and cal hallow, the marina area, they have had their mail stolen. they claim that somebody has a usps master key and has been breaking into multi-unit buildings. they use this key to get buzzed into the entrance and they are making off with all sorts of packages, credit cards, passports and the like. anybody in 94109 zip code. they have reached out to postal inspectors. they do have some footage at one of the buildings that happened the beginning of august. there were three separate incidents. they caught it on surveillance but they are not releasing that until a postal inspector can confirm that. they claim that the u sps postal inspectors are dragging their heels because of the cost to replace all of those locks.
9:42 am
it's upwards of $200,000. so we have placed a call into the inspector. he just called about a minute before i went on air. so we're going to call him back and see what they have to say. now, as far as the coyote sightings, we know that a lot of those have been happening in san francisco and now daly city is no stranger. according to folks who go on that app called nextdoor they have spotted coyotes around the westlake area. that's no surprise because there are four major golf courses located right there. the coyotes enjoy the green open spaces. places like stern grove, vernal heights. of course, this has been a really controversial issue with the city. the city says that it will not relocate these wild animals. they will also not kill them. a lot of people feel they are in a stuck sort of position. a lot of folks very angry because they have seen their small pets killed by coyotes. back to you.
9:43 am
>> when you talk to that postal inspector i am curious if they have one ripped off or if someone is just missing. tara thanks. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9," it's an unusual competition with terrific video. coming up in 15 minutes, the festival that involves running the length of a precarious pole. also overcoming [ technical difficulty ] up next we are joined by a cal state east bay student living every moment of her life to the fullettes after being told she would not survive past childhood.
9:44 am
9:45 am
welcome back. trained dogs find drugs, bombs, suspects, and missing people.
9:46 am
ktvu's henry lee takes a closer look at the alameda county sheriff's office k-9 unit. >> come out. i will send my dog. when my dog finds you, you may be bitten. >> reporter: ktvu got an inside look at alameda county sheriff's office k-9 training in dublin. >> in the bushes. >> reporter: these dogs can find weapons, drugs, and suspects themselves. >> right now he is smelling human odor. he is trying to find his way to get to that human odor. >> reporter: and this dog found the suspect hidden in a big crate. deputies ordered him to come out and took him into custody. >> the dogs for us are locating tools.
9:47 am
so they help us find suspects, and most of the time we get surrendered. when suspects don't surrender and it meets our use of force criteria, then we will deploy a dog to bite a suspect. >> reporter: there are 21 dogs with the k-9 unit. eight are assigned to patrol and narcotics detection. one dog is assigned to the oakland airport. the rest sniff out explosives, and the pedigree of these pooches are from across the pond. >> the dogs that we get are very-end dogs that we import from europe. >> reporter: and their bite just might be worse than their bark. but it's all work and nothing personal. >> we have had bad guys where we bit a bad guy and a minute later he can go pet the dog. the dogs don't hold a grudge. >> reporter: henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. 9:47. our next guest is featured on a national show on the cw called my last days. >> what happened to me, it wasn't expected. i think that i can do many
9:48 am
things but in a different way. anyone can. >> as a baby living in guatemala, she was diagnosed with mps6. it causes tissues and organs to enlarge and become inflamed. most people survive to childhood at the best. possibly to teenage years. at the age of six her family moved to oakland for clinical trials of a new drug. we are joined this morning by isabelle. now a junior at cal state east bay. when we talk about defying the odds, you are living that. tell me about that. >> well, good morning. thank you so much for having me. i am glad to be here. yeah. i have mps6. it's a rare genetic disorder. my body is bigger on the inside. and it's kind of like, you know, damage in the body. >> and the prognosis, had your
9:49 am
family stayed at home in guatemala, was not not good. the fact that you are 21 years old, a junior in college, unthinkable? >> yeah. it's been a journey. me and my family, you know, we came from guatemala. and my parents, they are still deported. my sister, they didn't really think about it, you know, that decision. you know, the medicine is not in guatemala. so our only, you know, option is to live in california. so we move here. my parents, my sister, my friends. family. everything. and we moved here and, yeah, the fact that i'm 21 is really executing because many doctors thought that i was not gonna live that long. so it's been a blessing. >> you're a dancer. i can see from the video. >> i am a dancer.
9:50 am
i have been in the dance program now for four years. and i like it. and it has been my passion since i was really young little girl. and i enjoy. yeah. it's been really fun. >> you are not only a dancer. you are also very active in educating people about your condition because i have never heard of it until i learned that you were joining us here. >> yeah. it's a really -- not many people know about it. and one of my goals is to teach, you know, people about it because, you know, now that i am getting older and i'm seeing, you know, new doctors, get older, i have to explain to them what it is and how it's affected me. so its been good, you know. share my story and know that, you know, mps is well unknown condition. so i'm happy that hopefully now
9:51 am
people are gonna know and learn from it. >> how were you picked for the television series? >> i heard by someone from school. and she is like, you should check it out. and i did. and then we did an interview on facetime. and he told me that i have a great smile. and i told him, you know, my story, you know, a little bit. and then a month after he just called me and he is like, you know, we want you to do, you know, the show, and, you know, share your story. and i was really grateful because i thought, you know, is this gonna help someone? why not? and that's what it's all about. inspiring people that, you know, about this condition. this disability. we all have to live life to the fullest because we don't know when we're gonna die and live short. but for me the key for me is to
9:52 am
keep a positive attitude, smile, and, now, sometimes things happen that we just don't know. but just keep hoping that something good's gonna come out of it. >> he was right. you do have a great smile. and great moves. thanks for joining us. the television series is called my last days. thank you so much for joining us on "the 9". we will be right back. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram.
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9:55 am
at the vmas last night in new york city. >> and the moon man for video of the year goes to beyonce! >> that's jimmy fallon dressed as swimmer ryan lochte. he presented beyonce with the award for video of the year. she looked like an angel. she took home eight awards. blew the audience away with a 16 minute mini concert. brittney spears came back to the vma stage after a ten year absence. some are calling it a disappointing lip synced performance. she did perform with oakland rapper g eazy. today marks the 50th anniversary of what would turn out to be the beatles' final live concert before a paying audience. it took place right here in the bay area. candlestick park. john lennon, paul mccarthy, george harrison and ringo starr played a 30 minute set. it was cold and windy august
9:56 am
29, 1966. thousands of tickets went unsold for a convert that will go down in rock history. they decided to give up live performances after that, frustrated people couldn't hear the music because of all those people screaming. the giants are off today after routing the braves 13-4. they had four home runs and four triples. joe panik had two of those big shots. a solo in the 2nd and a two-run homener the 4th. that was the first time the giants had hit four home runs and for or more triples. they cord eight runs in the seventh. the a's also won 7-4. chris davis, who else, hit a two-run home run in the fourth. vogt a home run in the third. the a's won four of their last five games and head to houston for a series with the astros. an unusual sporting event
9:57 am
in malt a over the weekend. you have to run up a 33-foot pole. that pole slathered in grease and over the water. at the end of the pole the competitors -- it sounds easy. i know. clearly, from these pictures it is harder. some people saying forget it. >> more importantly, you know what i should say? congratulations to our producer kelsey. >> yes. >> she is in the booth right now. she was engaged over the weekend. [ applause ] . >> we love you. >> congratulations to you and david. i love you so much. that's why i bought six of you... for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever... that's why you will stay in this drawer... forever. i can't live without you. and that's why i will never, ever wash you.
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